taCONNECT is a database & digital marketing platform that offers
turnkey solutions that support and strengthen
sales and marketing efforts to Travel Advisors.

taCONNECT is supported by the taNETWORK, the largest and most current
Travel Advisor data-network in the travel industry,
covering 85% of the

U.S. & Canadian marketplace.

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By leveraging the taNETWORK and the data intelligence it provides,
we've built a suite of unique solutions that travel companies can utilize
to strengthen, grow and support their travel trade business.

Click here to learn more about how the taNETWORK is built, verified and maintained.    



Strengthen Your Travel Agent Database

A successful data-intelligent sales and marketing plan begins with a clean and healthy database. 

Database Cleansing

Data Cleansing is a service that organizes, validates and cleanses Travel Agent databases for U.S. and Canadian markets.


Data Enhancements provide a contact match analysis against the taNETWORK. For the matching contacts, we provide validated and enhanced data to their profiles to include 30 key sales & marketing data points on who they are and what they specialize in selling.

Profile / Data



Valery Brown-Alce / Sr. Director, Global

Now we can target the right travel agent for our destination and partners. We are very pleased with the ROI we received through the taCONNECT turn-key solution.

Grow Your Travel Agent Business

Our taNETWORK of over 100,000+ verified Travel Agents gives you exclusive access to
thousands of new and qualified Travel Agents. 


We offer two marketing solutions to help you reach this target audience. 

Lead Generation

Our lead generation solution offers the ability to target the right
Travel Agent for your business/destination or drive thousands of
new Travel Agents into your database.


Our unique technology offers targeted email marketing to a highly engaged audience of Travel Agents, which is designed to reach a
100% new audience, guaranteed! 

Email Marketing

Support Your Travel Agent Database

We offer the only CRM that constantly monitors your Travel Agent contacts and delivers real-time, automated updates. The live connection to the taNETWORK provides unprecedented sales and marketing enhancements directly to their contact profiles with little to no effort from the sales team.             
You will never have to worry about owning an outdated Travel Agent database again! 


Turn-Key CRM

We offer a Travel Agent Relationship Management (TARM) platform - 
an automated travel trade specific CRM.

If you are currently contracted with another third-party CRM,
taCONNECT TARM is compatible via API feeds. 

Kelly Messina / Senior Director of Leisure Sales  

The intelligence taCONNECT provides on our contacts is valuable and allows us to focus more on creating relationships and less on data management in our diverse marketplace.


We've mastered the Travel Agent loyalty solution by offering a turn-key solution to measure and reward Travel Agent business. It’s a completely automated solution that rewards top producers with consumer leads or PayPal payments,
increasing agent engagement and loyalty.

Loyalty Programs


Reward Your Travel Agent Partners

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