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Tour Operator Network

Tour Operator Dashboard.png
  • 12 Month Subscription: [example, January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019]

    • INCLUDES: Tour Operator automated list management.

      • Easily upload Tour Operator contacts. taCONNECT de-duplicates and consolidates all Tour Operator contact data to a unique listing.

      • Monthly Auto Recurring “Update Profile” email to contacts not Verified. Contact data verified in 6-month window, keeping list always current.

    • INCLUDES LEAD GENERATION: During verification process (occurs minimum every 6-months), each Tour Operator contact sees all the partners that DO NOT have them in their taCONNECT database. With one click, the Tour Operator contact can opt-into the partners’ taCONNECT database. Real time results add the leads to each partner’s dashboard in the NEW CONTACT section. 

    • During verification, each Tour Operator contact can print the partner directory which lists each partner and the proper Tour Operator contact information.

    • INCLUDES: Tour Operator CRM and Calendar interface.

    • INCLUDES: Tour Operator Email Marketing platform. Tracking opens, clicks on each email campaign. Also tracks open and clicks on each contact

    • OPTION: Integrated turnkey Webinar platform

Investment: $600/year

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