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The taCONNECT platform offers a suite of unique turnkey data-driven solutions that support and strengthen sales and marketing efforts to travel advisors.


Our proprietary technology and supporting data-intelligent taNETWORK is unmatched in the travel industry. All of our solutions are scalable, customizable and designed to maximize overall investments in travel advisors.


taCONNECT offers direct access to current, detailed travel advisor business information and turnkey digital solutions that are guaranteed to improve sales and marketing efforts and grow travel advisor business through highly targeted database management.

Strengthen Your Travel Advisor Database

A successful data-intelligent sales and marketing plan begins with a clean and healthy database. 

Data Cleansing is a service that organizes, validates and cleanses travel advisor databases. (Data Protection Agreement provided)


  • Data Organization: We take all of your travel advisor data (Excel/Access files) and migrate the data into one formatted file.

  • Data De-duplication: We eliminate duplicate copies of data and consolidate to one contact record.

  • Data Validation: We identify contacts who have non-valid emails, contacts who are retired and any travel suppliers.

  • Data Diagnosis: We deliver the files and review the results.

Initial Cleanse Rate: $500(1x cost) This includes up to 5 excel files/worksheets. Any file/worksheet over 5 is $50 per file/worksheet.

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Data Enhancements provides a contact match analysis against the taNETWORK. For the matching contacts, we provide validated and enriched data to their profiles to include 30 key sales and marketing data points on who they are and what they specialize in selling.

Data includes:

  • Destination speciality

  • Type of travel speciality

  • Affiliation

  • Type of advisor/agency

  • Physical location 

  • Sales volume​

  • And much more!

  • Click Here for full data point overview

Matching Profile Enhancements: $1.00 per profile enhancement.

On average, we match up 50-75% of a database with profiles in the taNETWORK.

Based on volume at time of analysis, the cost per profile Enhancement will go down.


Support Your Travel Advisor Database

We offer the only CRM that constantly monitors your travel advisor contacts and delivers real-time, automated updates. The live connection to the taNETWORK provides unprecedented sales and marketing enhancements directly to their
contact profiles with little to no effort from the sales team.             

You will never have to worry about owning an outdated travel advisor database again! 

Turnkey CRM

We offer a Travel Advisor Relationship Management platform - an automated travel trade specific CRM. Platform includes Database Management, live data-feed to the taNETWORK for real-time business profile Updates and Enhancements, Email Marketing software, Webinar integration, Engagement reports, Lead Generation delivery and access to an Expanded Reach email marketing audience. 

If you are currently contracted with another third-party CRM, taCONNECT and its live connection to the taNETWORK is compatible via API. 

Grow Your Travel Advisor Business

Our taNETWORK of more than 100,000 verified travel advisors gives you exclusive access to
thousands of new and qualified travel advisors. 

Our unique technology offers targeted email marketing to a highly engaged audience of verified travel advisors, which is designed to reach a 100% new audience, guaranteed! 

Email Marketing


Lead Generation

Our lead generation solution offers the ability to target the right travel advisors for your business/destination or drive hundreds of new travel advisors into your database.

We offer three methods of lead generation delivery:

  • Direct Recruitment


  • Insider Travel Report (ITR)


taCONNECT offers a turnkey on-demand or full-service webinars. Hosting a webinar is incredibly easy. Sales and marketing users on taCONNECT can 

dramatically improve business efficiencies and tell their story without limitations.​

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Virtual Events

taCONNECT offers a complete turnkey multi-day Virtual Event experience. 

  • Virtual event management solution 

  • Premium geo-targeted marketing

  • Analytic integration with client taCONNECT CRM


Reward Your Travel Advisor Partners


Reward Programs

We've mastered the travel advisors loyalty solution by offering a turnkey solution to measure and reward travel advisor business. It’s a completely automated solution that rewards top producers with consumer leads, PayPal payments and point driven merchandising catalog rewards, increasing advisor engagement and loyalty.

Compatibility - API Integration

taCONNECT’s cloud-based system is compatible with most third-party
and custom CRM platforms via API Feeds.

Data Protected

Safe & Secure

Dedicated Support

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