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We've mastered the travel advisor loyalty solution by offering a turnkey solution to measure and reward travel advisor business. It’s a completely automated solution that rewards top producers with consumer leads, PayPal payments or point driven merchandising catalog rewards, increasing advisor engagement and loyalty.


We will create a branded landing page that will provide details and benefits of your Rewards program
as well as registration and log-in. A vanity URL will be provided. 

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TRAVEL ADVISOR MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD: When enrolled travel advisors login
to their account, they will have access to a top level rewards dashboard. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 11.09.37


  • Standard booking form data reported:

    • Individual or Group

    • Client Name

    • Confirmation #

    • Hotel

    • Booking Method (Wholesaler, etc.)

    • Arrival-Departure Date

    • # Rooms

    • # Room Nights

    • Price

  • Custom data points offered on your booking form.

    • Type of Travel: Honeymoon, Wedding, Golf, Family, etc.

  • You will know how each travel advisor participant is booking via your set “Booking Method” options!

    (Wholesaler/Tour Operator name, direct, other online engines, etc.) This is tremendous data intelligence for you and your hotel partners.

  • MINIMUM NIGHTS: You can set minimum nights (EX: 3 plus nights).

  • Agents can easily adjust rooms per night on booking.


  • Easy option to include a pdf or image capture of the booking confirmation to EXPEDITE APPROVAL.

    • The “Confirmation Image” is HUGE to deter cheaters and validate legitimate bookings.



You will be given access to a taCONNECT CRM account. You can upload a copy of your travel advisor database and the system will monitor your contacts 24/7 and deliver validated and enhanced
business intelligence directly to your contacts.


When you login to your account, you will have access to a top level rewards dashboard.

  • Total Contacts enrolled in your Rewards program.

    • Access to Consumer Leads section and the travel advisor eligible for a Lead Reward.

  • NEW BOOKINGS that need to be Confirmed or Rejected AFTER check-out.

  • Previous Confirmed or Rejected Bookings.

  • Quick Date Range Summary of; confirmed bookings, room nights, points earned, etc. 


Easy access to ALL advisors who are enrolled into your Rewards Program.


This table is a summary of the advisor activity (leads/points delivered, bookings reported, room nights, login and more). Click on an advisor to view details on their contact profile.


Easily sort, search, export or email!



Each enrolled travel advisor has a contact profile and lists the aggregate amounts of their reported bookings. You can easily search these data points for sales & marketing follow ups.

Your Logo

In addition, via Reported Bookings, you will always know HOW THEY SELL your product!

Even down to the tour operator, wholesaler, or direct. (Ex: Abercrombie & Kent is her Primary Booking method)


  • Filter to show only recent check-out date range.


  • Easily review all booking data.


  • Click to view the CONFIRMATION image pop-up.

    • ​Confirmation image is a HUGE help to confirm the booking!

    • It makes it difficult for advisors to “cheat” the system.

    • It makes it much easier to identify a confirmed legitimate booking.

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 7.03.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 6.57.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 7.16.17 PM.png

Need Help Confirming?

    This sends the full Booking details to anyone you ask.


  • The contact looks the booking up and clicks CONFIRM or REJECT which automatically changes the booking status and notifies the advisor.


Bookings are flagged if Suspicious for:

  • Advisor has over 10 rejected bookings.

  • Booking has more than 30 room nights.

  • Advisor is reporting over 15 bookings a month.

  • All Suspicious booking criteria is customized for you.



7 Days before client check-in, an auto email is deployed to the advisor to; Confirm, Cancel or Edit the reported booking.






Every Monday we send last weeks activity along with all historical activity.

It is sent to as many colleagues you request.

Travel advisors also get an auto-email if they have a Reported Booking status change.


You have the option to offer the following REWARD's: Consumer Leads, Cash or Points.

Consumer Leads Reward: Rewards can be Consumer Leads via our simple lead-generation plug-in that sends your consumer leads from your website and partner websites directly to advisors who have a “Pending Lead Reward”.

These are leads that are NOT INTERESTED in booking now and require a Specialist to help book their travel plans at a later date. Send your travel advisor contacts a lead, let the Specialist chase it & close it for you!


Advisors report sales for more Leads.


You can easily place the “Lead Widget” short code on media sites that build specific pages for your campaign. This is HUGE as your consumer marketing can deliver Leads to your travel advisors!

Consumer Lead Widget

Cash Reward: If you choose to reward travel advisors with cash, this is rewarded weekly via an automated PayPal payment interface. Cost to fulfill the reward averages at $0.75, far less than a gift card by mail. Plus, it’s almost immediate, improving travel advisor engagement.

Points Reward: Rewards can be POINTS that can be redeemed for merchandise you have on hand. Physical products require a fulfillment center to have your products shipped.

Merchandise can also be Hotel FAM accommodations as well.

Each Item (physical or accommodations) has a designated “Fulfillment Partner” who will receive the redemption request and can fulfill it directly without your direction.


Our system easily allows you to create product and manages the units available. Easily enter content, images are automatically sized, and layout is automatically set.

The travel advisor reports sales for more Points.


Rewards can also be combination of Leads and Points.

Travel advisors earn POINTS for reporting confirmed bookings, and one of the REDEMPTION ITEMS is a Consumer LEAD that is priced at a POINT redemption amount.


Let travel advisors experience your product!


FAM Redemption: Travel advisors can also redeem their points to experience YOUR PARTNER HOTELS.

If you do not offer POINTS and rewards with LEADS, we can enable a FAM request option 1x for every 5 (or any #) confirmed bookings.

Each Hotel Partner has their own listing.

Hotel Partners can offer 1 FAM or Multiple FAMs. You want these advisors to experience your product!


Typically, the FAM is 3-4 nights for 2 and black-out dates can apply.

The advisor enters their “Requested Date” and clicks Submit, which sends the request to your designated hotel representative to arrange or offer alternatives.


You have the ability to market your Rewards programs to existing travel advisors via our email marketing software. Enrolled advisors get tagged and are automatically integrated with your travel advisor database.

Email Marketing

You will have on-demand access to taCONNECT's 3rd Party database to reach thousands of verified contacts beyond your database. You can target your Rewards program to ONLY your primary specialist. Any new enrolled advisor will automatically get added to your travel advisor database as a NEW lead!  

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 11.29.22
Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 11.36.42

Targeted Display Advertising


Insider Travel Report (ITR) is an online B2B travel content and targeted advertising platform delivering specialized daily news content and audience-based advertising to the travel industry. 


Led by award-winning travel journalist, James Shillinglaw and powered by the data-intelligence technology platform, taCONNECT, Insider Travel Report (ITR) publishes 75,000+ unique daily newsletters, Monday - Friday, to an ongoing verified audience of travel professionals.

We leverage Insider Travel Report (ITR) to target your Rewards advertisements to ONLY to your primary audience of verified travel advisors. 


INVESTMENT: $45,000+  

Inquire with sales for custom pricing. 

Kelly Messina, Senior Director of Leisure Sales


“taCONNECT’s Rewards solution has been a turnkey, automated experience for LVCVA. taCONNECT also hosts our travel advisor database via their CRM solution. Now that we have a new innovative Travel Advisor Rewards program in market, it’s even more turnkey as it’s directly connected with our database (CRM), allowing for quick data searches, analytical reporting and email communications. taCONNECT's powerful marketing reach of verified Advisors has increased our enrolled and reported bookings dramatically over the last 12 months " 

Data Protected

Safe & Secure

Dedicated Support

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