Reward Programs

We've mastered the travel advisors loyalty solution by offering a turnkey solution to measure and reward travel advisor business. It’s a completely automated solution that rewards top producers with consumer leads, PayPal payments and point driven merchandising catalog rewards, increasing advisor 

engagement and loyalty.

Watch this short video for the complete experience.

Malia Asfour / Director  

taCONNECT’s Travel Agent Reward solution is turn-key, automated and feeds directly into our North America Travel Agent database. We’ve received a great deal of measurable
bookings to our complex destination with little to no effort on our part.

Custom Landing Pages

We will create a branded landing page that will provide details and benefits of your Rewards program
as well as registration and log-in. A vanity URL will be provided. 

TRAVEL ADVISOR MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD: When enrolled travel advisors login
to their account, they will have access to a top level rewards dashboard. 

Capture Bookings

Discover each enrolled travel advisors primary booking method (specific tour operator to platform).


Easy Validation: The travel advisor must take a screen shot of the booking confirmation. Our technology makes it very simple to upload the image. You can click on the reported bookings tab in your dashboard to individually or mass confirm/reject booking. The advisor is immediately notified via email.


You have the option to offer the following REWARD's: Consumer Leads, Cash, Points, Perks, etc.

Unique consumer lead reward option; send consumer leads from your website (or partner websites)
to travel advisors who are ideally profiled and geo-targeted to the lead. 

If you choose to reward travel advisor with cash, this is rewarded weekly via an automated PayPal payment interface. Cost to fulfill the reward averages at $0.75, far less than a gift card by mail. Plus, it’s almost immediate, improving travel advisor engagement.

Integrated Dashboard

You will have access to a taCONNECT CRM account. You can upload a copy of your travel advisor database and the system will monitor your contacts 24/7 and deliver validated and enhanced business intelligence directly to your contacts.


When you login to your account, you will have access to a top level rewards dashboard.

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Database Integration

Each enrolled travel advisor has a contact profile and lists the aggregate amounts of their reported bookings. You can easily search these aggregate data points for sales & marketing follow ups.

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Turn-Key Marketing

You have the ability to market your Rewards programs to existing advisors via our email marketing software. Enrolled advisors get tagged and are automatically integrated with your travel advisor database.


You will have on-going access to taCONNECT's 3rd Party database to reach thousands of contacts beyond your database. Any new enrolled advisor will automatically get added to your travel advisor database as a NEW lead!  

Data Protected

Safe & Secure

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