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Travel Advisor Relationship Management Platform


Support Your Travel Advisor Database

We offer the only CRM that constantly monitors your travel advisor contacts and delivers real-time, automated updates. The live connection to the taNETWORK provides unprecedented sales and marketing updates and enhancements directly to their contact profiles with little to no effort from the sales team.             

You will never have to worry about owning an outdated travel advisor database again! 

Data Delivery

Email Software


Lead Generation


Our taCONNECT CRM is a turnkey, subscription-based platform that constantly monitors your travel advisor contacts in a dedicated and secure hosting environment. (supported by AWS)


Our proprietary technology validates existing contact data and automatically updates outdated information and adds missing business intelligence such as destination specialty, type of travel specialty, type of agency, affiliation and many more data enhancements directly to their contact profiles.

Annual Subscription: $3,900/year + monthly profile updates/enhancements billed at $0.25 per profile (contact monitoring/maintenance)

All-Inclusive Programs are also available which includes the CRM subscription for unlimited users, unlimited profile updates and enhancements, unlimited lead generation and unlimited webinar access.  


Contact Verification
Independent Contractor (IC)

​The ability to identify and target the Independent Contractor affiliated with a Corporate, Branch or Host Agency location.

Unlimited Users

Includes territorial assignments by:

  • State/Province

  • Zip Code

  • IATA #

  • Custom Fields


Our taCONNECT CRM platform provides a travel advisor dashboard, an overview of your database. Within the dashboard is a live data-feed to the travel advisor marketplace and linked to the taNETWORK. The dashboard provides real-time alerts on contacts in your database that are New ContactsRetired Contacts, contacts who have Invalid or Inactive Emails and contacts who Updated and Enhanced their profile information with sales and marketing intelligence. ​

In the Contact Profile above the data fields, in smaller read-only text, taCONNECT CRM provides the most current data (validated within the last 8 months) from the taNETWORK. If the text is RED, this is either updated data or missing data, available for download. 


taCONNECT CRM offers the ability to easily search and prospect your travel advisor contacts by detailed data points.

Search examples:


  • Type of Agency or Advisor

  • Location including mile radius around a zip code 

  • Destination specialty 

  • Type of travel specialty

  • Affiliation

  • Sales volume​

  • And many more!


taCONNECT CRM includes Email Marketing software to engage contacts with relevant information that matches their detailed profiles.



Our email report allows you to quickly re-target by clicking on who has NOT opened and/or clicked to resend the original email or send a new email.


Built into the taCONNECT CRM is an expanded-reach turnkey email marketing functionality which allows you to reach thousands of opt-in travel advisors beyond your database. This functionality offers you the ability to email, on-demand, to a 100% new audience of travel advisors based on your search criteria, guaranteed!

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 12.27.04


Our taCONNECT lead generation solution offers the ability to target the right travel advisors for your business/destination or drive hundreds of new travel advisors into your database.

We offer three methods of lead generation delivery:

  • Manual Recruitment


  • Insider Travel Report (ITR)

Recruit New Contacts - Recruit Email Invitations

We offer an on-demand travel advisor recruitment feature within taCONNECT CRM to grow your travel advisor contacts via an email invitation (sample) to join your database and get connected with a local BDM. 

You can Recruit NEW CONTACTS in 3 ways:

  1. Expanded Search - Expanded Reach and click the button: Recruit for up to $##. Only $10 per contact that accepts your Recruitment email invitation.


  2. Expanded Search - Expanded Reach - (map) Where are they located? Get more refined and manually select contacts from the map to send your Recruit email invitation. You can see which contacts are in your database and which leads are not!


  3. Contact Profile - Recruit more contacts from the same Agency or Business.


Recruit on-demand.png
Recruit on-demand 2.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 6.16.02 PM.png

You will ONLY be charged $10 per contact that accepts your Recruit email invitation. Once accepted, full enhanced contact profile data will automatically be added to your database under NEW CONTACTS and you will also receive an email alert on the NEW Recruit!

You can target and send Recruit email invitations as many times as you like. You also have the ability to place a "cap" on the number of accepted leads for control from a budgetary standpoint. 

Lead Widgets

We offer complimentary lead widgets for Advisor acquisition which includes a custom Landing Page which you can link to from your Travel Trade site, include in any 3rd party email marketing or in your email signatures. We also can provide the Lead Widget code for you to build into your Travel Trade site using your brand personality. 



taCONNECT CRM offers a turnkey on-demand or full-service webinar solution. Hosting a webinar is incredibly easy. Sales and marketing users on taCONNECT CRM can dramatically improve business efficiencies and tell their story without limitations.

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 12.03.09
Tablet Outline
Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 2.30.19 PM.png


taCONNECT CRM offers the ability to keep activity notes and set reminders on your travel advisor contacts. Management can also run activity reports on user activity. 


taCONNECT CRM offers engagement reports that show travel advisor engagement against your sales and marketing efforts. Reports include engagement of your email marketing campaigns, data verification, notes and reminder activities, meeting activities, training engagement, FAM activity and many more.   


taCONNECT CRM offers the ability to gain additional insights on your contacts via taCONNECT Forms, a custom form functionality and automated data delivery service linked to your taCONNECT database. 

  • Collect deeper data intelligence on your contacts.

  • Improve advisor engagement on your road shows, events, campaigns, registration forms and data collection.

  • There are so many applications and benefits to taCONNECT Forms…Watch this short video to find out more.


taCONNECT CRM offers the ability to add additional databases (e.g., M.I.C.E., Tour Operator, and Custom).

taCONNECT CRM also offers M.I.C.E and Tour Operator Networks that validate and feed data intelligence to your contacts. 


taCONNECT’s cloud-based system is compatible with most third-party
and custom CRM platforms via API Feeds.

Andrea Wright / Director, USA Field Sales  

I just did a demo of the new enhancements for BDMs on taCONNECT.  It was amazing! It will help us perform at levels that will make our lives much easier and our jobs way more efficient!

Data Protected

Safe & Secure

Dedicated Support

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