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taCONNECT offers travel companies the ability to connect directly with their primary audience of verified travel advisors through a turnkey webinar experience, either full-service or on-demand. 

What sets us apart? The power of targeted marketing!

Leveraging the largest and most verified network of travel advisors, taCONNECT and its sister brand, Insider Travel Report (ITR) target your webinars to ONLY your primary audience, delivering the most qualified attendees within the travel industry. With reach to over 100,000 travel advisors, our taNETWORK contains in-depth business profiles that have been verified and confirmed by the advisor within the last 8-months, guaranteed. Prospecting quality data will deliver the highest ROI on your webinar investment!  

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We offer two webinar solutions

Full-Service Webinars

We provide a complete turnkey premium webinar experience.

Support - Creative - Marketing 

On-Demand Webinars

Subscriber's to taCONNECT's CRM can benefit from a turnkey webinar experience integrated right into their travel advisor database!

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