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Full-Service Webinars

We offer full-service webinars that deliver high engagement and target your primary audience of travel advisor specialists. From set-up to laser-focused marketing to personalized follow-up,

we make investing in a webinar highly successful and turnkey. ​

Dedicated ​Webinar Support

We assign a dedicated Client Success Manager to support your Full-Service Webinar. The dedicated representative will work with your team pre-, live- and post-webinar, delivering a complete turn-key experience. Hosting partners can also invite co-hosts to present. Your assigned Client Success Manager can work with them to ensure easy set up, training and

transition between speakers.


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Creative Support

Our Marketing Services department will work with your team to create custom HTML email invitations and 
promotional display banner advertisements that meet your brand guidelines (if needed).

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​Marketing Support

We leverage the taCONNECT promotional opt-in database of 100,000+ verified travel advisors to obtain over 500 RSVPs.

Email Marketing: target NEW verified travel advisors by 30 data-points including destination/region sold, travel specialty, type of agency, geolocated, affiliation, and much more. 


​Marketing Support

We leverage the online travel trade news publication, Insider Travel Report (ITR), to target promotional advertisements ONLY to your primary audience of verified travel advisors. 

Insider Travel Report (ITR): target verified travel advisors by destination/region sold, travel specialty, type of agency, gateway and more (data filter page). 

  • 2x weeks of Newsletter/Homepage Sponsorship

  • 1x Editorial Sponsored Content campaign (example)



Chris Austin / SVP,  Global Marketing & Sales


We partnered with taCONNECT and Insider Travel Report to produce a full-service webinar to educate our trade partners on our expanding itineraries and new luxury expedition product. Our goal was to achieve 300 registered travel advisors who met our unique target demographic for this topic, and through their multi-prong targeted marketing approach, we received over 700 qualified registered advisors! The webinar presented flawlessly with the help of their dedicated support. All in all it was a very positive experience and a great ROI.

Data Protected

Safe & Secure

Dedicated Support

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