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Our mission is to provide real-time data-intelligence and turnkey solutions that help sales and marketing departments connect directly with their primary audience of travel advisors in an industry that is

highly fragmented, specialized and constantly evolving. 


By leveraging our proprietary data taNETWORK of more than 100,000 verified active travel advisor business profiles, all rich with current sales and marketing intelligence, travel companies can successfully strengthen their internal sales and marketing infrastructures allowing for highly targeted business connections across the spectrum of travel related services.

Manage your travel advisor distribution network with ONE revolutionary platform

taCONNECT is a database management and sales and marketing platform driven by data intelligence to help build client profits. We offer turnkey solutions to travel companies to support and strengthen their sales & marketing efforts by connecting them with targeted travel specialists.


We forge these connections in many ways, including database management, email marketing, lead generation, webinars, virtual events and reward programs.


taCONNECT is supported by the taNETWORK, our proprietary data network of more than 100,000 globally verified active in-depth travel advisor business profiles, all validated by the advisor within the last eight-months. Our technology delivers this real-time data intelligence to our clients' travel advisor databases, providing them with valuable - and vital - insights into the ever-evolving travel advisor marketplace. 


Travel companies who connect to the taNETWORK benefit universally from this mass data collection geared towards sales and marketing optimization.


The taNETWORK is the largest sourcing of accurate, current contact and specialty information on travel advisors in the travel industry.

Numbers below each region represent collective personal sales

taNETWORK Data Ecosystem

The taNETWORK leverages data aggregated from an extensive network of hundreds of supplier online registration forms that taCONNECT powers, creating a data network that is constantly being fueled with the most current contact and business information.

The taNETWORK utilizes a universal 30-data-point structure designed to capture key sales and marketing intelligence. Every submitted form is verified by the travel advisor within an eight-month timeframe, providing travel companies with current and data-rich intel.

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Kelly Messina / Senior Director of Leisure Sales  

The intelligence taCONNECT provides on our contacts is valuable and allows us to focus more on creating relationships and less on data management in our diverse marketplace.

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