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We offer full service webinars that deliver high engagement and target your primary audience of travel advisor specialists. From set-up to laser-focused marketing to personalized follow-up, we make investing in a webinar highly successful and turnkey. ​

Leveraging the taNETWORK of 100,000+ active verified travel advisors, we ensure that the promotion of your webinar reaches a verified audience of active specialists based on your targeted interests. 

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  • 2x targeted taCONNECT emails sent to your primary audience of travel advisor specialists
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  • 2x weeks of Insider Travel Report (ITR) targeted display advertisements delivered only to your primary audience of travel advisor specialists
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  • Host a webinar with over 400 RSVPs!

  • Intuitive presenter interface

  • Deliver a live presentation or use a pre-recorded video for a perfect presentation

  • Easily conduct polls, Q&A, offer collateral downloads, etc

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  • Receive an in-depth database of RSVPs and attendees. The database includes 30 key sales & marketing data points including contact information, physical location, affiliation, destination and travel specialties and much more...  


A dedicated Client Success Manager will be assigned to manage your webinar. Support includes:​​

  • Upload of all assets to webinar interface.

  • Set up access for all presenters and co-hosts

  • HTML design for email promotion. The client can also submit their own creative

  • Support with trial webinar with the presenters and co-hosts to ensure the presentation is seamless

  • Manage the registration process and send email reminders (confirmation email of RSVP, 24-hour reminder email and 15-minute reminder email)

  • Your assigned Client Success Manager will attend webinar 45 mins before start time and through end of webinar.

    • Help presenter/co-host enable their microphone(s)

    • Instruct on presenting

    • Manage attendee support issues by answering chat messages

    • Start recording and end recording

  • After the webinar, your Client Success Manager will send webinar data analytics and attendee (and RSVP) database

  • Support with the design of personalized text email follow-up that we will send to all attendees (and RSVP) after the webinar with a recap and link to view the recorded webinar and download handout


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