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Connecting regional BDM’s with their travel advisor partners in their local markets through a turnkey engaging Virtual Roadshow experience. 


taCONNECT offers travel companies an advanced turnkey solution to regional Virtual Events.

Key differentiators include customization that focuses on simplicity and high engagement, hyper-targeted specialist marketing, SmartMatch appointment-based technology, turnkey data-integration with a

database management system and dedicated hands-on support.


By listening to the industry’s feedback on past virtual event experiences,

we've developed a virtual event platform like no other. 


What makes our virtual events unique among all others in the past are: 

  1. Hyper-targeted specialist marketing to bring in ONLY the “best-of-the-best” QUALIFIED attendees in their local markets that match the partners speciality interests.

  2. SmartMatch appointment-based technology to deliver guaranteed NEW leads for exhibitors and more meaningful conversations.

  3. Direct data-connection to a back-end database management (taCONNECT CRM) system for turnkey data-collection and immediate email follow-up.

SmartMatch Technology

SmartMatch is taCONNECT’s proprietary appointment-based technology that can identify an attendee the exhibitor is currently not working with, but who meets all the exhibitors targeted specialty interests. SmartMatch recommends the travel advisors to schedule visits or meetings at an exhibitor’s booth. SmartMatch also works for the Exhibitor’s booth staff, who will also see travel advisors that they should meet with as well. All attendees are NEW leads and are given to the exhibitors with very rich specializations and travel interest data. This is 100% ROI! 

Data Protected

Safe & Secure

Dedicated Support

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